Friday, March 29, 2013

Alive, and lots of work

Dear all,

I am still very much alive, the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Darkness have been upon me lately, those in power, masonic groups, black magicians, etc, have put curses upon me and my family, caused great problems, severely affecting my wife more than the rest. We have now been working on getting past that, getting rid of those negative influences, and we have identified the sources behind it and can now move on to stop them from intervening.

Powers that be removed my YouTube channel, and all info and videos I posted there, so I have to start over from scratch on that.

My time is put completely into building up the new SEECenter, Spiritual-Ecological Educational Center - [link to ]

Lot of time and efforts, hard work and money in the first stages, and still lot to go, but it will be all worth it, and it will be a place where I will accept people to come study and participate from all over the world.

I offer limited free camping sites on my property where it is located, and there will be many wonderful and powerful practices and teachings, based on my life-long experience and involvement with secret orders, magical groups, governmental factions & suppressed knowledge, psychic research, hypnotherapy & psychological exploration,

Topics of study & practice will include such as:
Out of body experiences, Astral Projection & Remote viewing
Lucid Dreams and Conscious Sleep
Deep meditations and inner vision quests
Mental voyages and psychological adventures
Karma, the Law of Attraction, Cause & Effect
Reincarnation and past lives
Past Life regressions and Travels to Future Lives
Multidimensional existence, parallel selves, and alternate universes
Collective Consciousness, Archetypes, Thought-forms & Inner entities
The layers of existence, and levels of being in both physical and non-physical
Psycho-spiritual systems & tools, as Tarot, Kabbalah, Astrology, Dowsing
Information and observation of Spiritual, Natural & Invisible laws
Magical, Occult and Shamanic practices and lessons
Suppressed sciences, forbidden knowledge
Conspiracies of the world, secret history & governmental cover-ups

++ much more, as experience and knowledge always expands.

There will be different classes focused on targeted topics of the mentioned, so people can decide what is more of their interest, and progress gradually to higher degrees and more advanced works.

Students will also be able to practice and enhance themselves, by participating in group-work, and train other new-coming students, to help and assist each other and share discoveries, knowledge, understanding, etc.

Also, home-study material will be produced, recorded, written and created for those not able to participate locally. Thus, people can still benefit from all the work that goes on, and receive lessons and courses sent by mail on booklets with guided audio CDs and Video DVDs and such.

Many opportunities will be available, and large amounts will be published and presented and put out for all completely free.

So, please be patient, look through the project site at [link to ] , and stay tuned as the new project grows large and fruitful, spreading its wings throughout the world.

Things are growing, and I am looking forwards to present my teachings to all, and meet some of you here in the mystical paranormal mountains of Argentina where I live, called Cerro Uritorco.

All the best, and thanks to all those who have supported the build-up and construction of this center in progress.

M.'. E.'. A.'.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Info on Project



-Donations received, used for buying some bricks for construction, and to register domain and website for the project.
Total donations as of now: $148

I am building a place for people to come participate, learn, study, and otherwise take part in the spiritual, esoteric, occult, conspiracy, new age, and related topics. In addition to teach how to live self-sustained, ecological, and alternative. All is presented in the videos above, so take a look at what I am working for.

The land I am building on a very nice gentleman donated to me for me to create this Spiritual-Ecological Education Center, and I am very pleased to see such kindness still in this world.

Ultimately, the plan and idea, is to create an educational center, with different teachers each expert in their own topics, to teach people on esoteric arts, spiritual practices, the paranormal, conspiracies and alternative life-style and ecologocial self-sustained living.

That includes courses, lessons, lectures and studies to be offered and different classes.

Blessings to all!

The time has come. I am ready to release a tremendous amount of more information to the public. The Work is in Progress.

First, read my two other threads, to know who I am, and my background and expertise:

Thread: Earth is a Spiritual TRAP created to keep you enslaved and ignorant of Reality.

Thread: Breaking my vows of secrecy for you

Now, then let me inform you on what I have in works here:

Some titles of my Work in Progress I am seeking investors, supporters and donators for, due to problems being suppressed, living in exile, and not generally able to get my material out through normal channels - see info in above threads, they will stop my work when they get the chance:

NOTE: Raw drafts, sketches, outlines and early ideas found in zip file attached for mentioned projects.
Feel free to look through, some in doc format, some in pdf, and a couple cover arts.
Download raw drafts here: [link to] - SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM "DOWLOAD" BUTTON; ITS THE ONE THAT WORKS!

-American Atlantis: An ancient trading point and pre-colombian voyages around the world (book & video documentary planned)

-Life: A Preparation for Death - A practical informative book with lessons on improving life, learning spiritual skills, disovering how to navigate the afterlife and astral project, and be prepared for the moment of Death to break free from cycles of reincarnation.

-Natural Sources of Magical Power: A book on places in nature with magical and spiritual properties, how to find them, such as energy vortexes, grid points, ley lines, and how to take them into practical use for healing, spiritual development, deep meditations, teleportation and time travel.

-Beneath the Skies of Mars : A semi-fictional novel based on truth, about ancient mankinds journey through the universe, life on Mars, intergalactig migration, how we ended up on Earth, our purpose, goals, where we come from, what we are doing here, where we are going.

-The Searcher - Moviescript, an epic saga of spiritual explorations and discoveries, the paranormal and conspiracies, following the life of a young boy from birth, through different stages of life, becoming a man, getting old, ultimately dying and moving beyond into the afterlife. Based on true stories, own personal experiences, and actual events, focusing on topics like the esoteric, occult, paranormal, spiritual, mystical, ancient, past lives, secret orders, conspiracies, and much more. A 3 part movie series planned so far.

-Mini-Courses in Esoteric & Occult Arts:
Time-Travel and Teleportation
Remote Viewing
Psychic sensing
Seeing Auras
Astral Sight
Spirit Communication
Exploring past lives


[link to]

Donations can be sent by PayPal to:

By link: [link to

The information I have to present to you, is crucial, and of immense value and importance. Do find freely attached my first published book "Earth: A Spiritual Trap & Practical Exercises to Ascend" in the rar archive file linked above, along with some examples on the works I have in progress.

The Movie project, is one I really wish to get done, as I have a contact of some fame interested in Hollywood, but it takes a lot to get from a script idea, to get it through the whole Hollywood machinery, but he HAS released controversial movies before, and he is also involved in TrueTV and ConspiracyTheory with Jesse Ventura. So, I have a chance to get something out here!

Thanks to all who support me and, if you hate me that is fine too, but I hope you check out what I have to tell.

Good luck and bless you all.

Donation info and use:
Thanks to kind donators, I have now secured some new material, mainly bricks for construction, as well as a domain for a website, which will be (Spiritual-Ecological Education Center).

There I will create a page with constant updates, videos, and publish for free all my works, whether audio meditations, video lectures, books or other material.

I will also keep a donation meter there, with the total donations coming in, and details on what the money is spent on.

Everything will be documented and presented, and I hope one day some of you here from GLP can come visit and participate in the Center when its ready!