Friday, April 19, 2013

Extending a big warm thanks to all donators!

Dear all friends,

This is a big thanks to all of you who are donating for my cause, you are part of building up something great, and thanks to your help the work will go much quicker and flowing good in the right direction.

You are directly helping with the construction of the Spiritual-Ecological Education Center, and everything that includes, from building the main guest house, the outside office and therapy room, the temple for spiritual work and meditations, and a room for holding lectures, classes and lessons on many exciting topics.

In addition you are supporting my work on writing my material, such as books, and be able to give this out to people for free, so it can reach a broader audience and completely free to share with anyone, by anyone.

There will also be new video documentaries, video lectures and lessons, and other video presentations that will be posted for free for anyone to enjoy and watch, which is a great benefit since this too gives us the possibility to reach people all over the globe, people in all situations, without them having to pay a single cent for any information.

We still got a lot of work to do here before everything is up and ready for taking in students and interested people, but we are getting closer and closer thanks to you all. The money you have been kind and helping us with will go to the materials, construction and labor of the work here on the Center, and we are also hoping to accumulate enough to buy a new professional video camera and sound recording equipment to record good quality documentary videos and instruction videos, as well as record lectures held here, and do audio recordings of different written material, as well as produce several audio based exercises, meditations, hypnotherapy sessions and so on to help and assist as many people as possible around the world, all for free.

I am glad to see so many of you enjoy the work I do, and find it worthy assisting with, and I hope you will find the end results of it all when its finished and done all worth your efforts and help!

Again, all the best, and my warmest wishes to you all, thanks a lot!

Edward Alexander,
Founder, SEEC

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