Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free newspaper on esoteric, conspiracies & spiritual - Fundraising project

Seeking assistance to start fundraising project for a magazine project I am working on. The idea is to give it out for free, monthly for starters, in physical form, locally, hopefully also by volunteers in other places around the world, small towns, big cities, anything. 

But I need help to get it up and going. Anyone know how to start kickstarter or indiegogo succesfully? Also, you can donate to this project through www.SEECenter.net using the donation feature there. 

The magazine will be a few pages long, newspaper format, with the stories you dont see in the news, to spread awareness and insights to the general population around us, handing it out to random people, putting it out in stores and stands for people to find it and pick it up, so people that dont already search out this stuff will be able to become aware of it. 

Conspiracies, practical spiritual stuff, the paranormal, secret governmental projects, the mysterious and strange. 

Basically read the About section on Seecenter page above, to get an idea what the focus will be, I got the knowledge and experience to share this material, but I am not an organizor and need help with that part, and fundraising etc, to be able to give it out free to people.

Get in touch anyone wanting to help, blessings!.Contact: maggador@gmail.com

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Solar Panels installed - SEEC expanding thanks to YOU!

I am happy to announce that we now have some basic electricity back, thanks to kind contributors like yourselves!

People have been very loving, kind and helpful, and donations we have received have now been spent on instaling solar panels in the main house on the SEEC property so we once again have some electricity.

Living "off the grid" can be tough, but also very rewarding, and having some electrical power is a must in todays society and for us to be able to work, connect, have online access, use basic appliances like fridge and washer machine etc.

So, we are eternal grateful to those of you who have helped us on the way to finally get some power back and make life a bit easier again, helping us improve and expand the SEEC center!

We are now waiting for enough funds to expand further, buy more property, and start building up the main center itself, the temple, and the educational school building.

Hopefully soon we can open up for the public, take in students and visitors, and start the real mission, have cources, lessons and lectures!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and soul, and we are very happy that people are interested in this project and want to support us and help us to get it all up and running! It will be for a great purpose, that many can benefit from!

If you feel like you want to help us on the way, you may feel free to use the donation features on the right side menu and top of this page, every cent helps us getting closer to the goal, and we will release all our teachings and materials for free so everyone can benefit, this is a community project, where anyone should be possible to enjoy and participate, no matter if being poor or rich!

Thanks again, and keep an eye on our websites for further updates, love and blessings to ALL!

-Edward Alexander

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Electricity cut by powercompany! Need alternative energy!


Well, so it happened. We cut our power cut off, so no more electricity. Now we got our place filled with candles, and we can not use our washer machine, our fridge, computer for work, nor of course the lights.

Its a major set-back, since I depend on working from my computer, its my main income source, so we are in deep mud right now trying to find some solutions.

We are looking into the possibility of alternative energy like solar panels, wind-mills or generators. The problem is, its all very expensive, and we can't afford any such at the moment. We are around USD $1000 short for even the most basic solar panel set-up to power light and a couple hours a day for the computer.

The reason they cut the power line was because we live in a neighbourhood where there is no lines laid out, we were connected to a neighbour a few blocks away with a cable dug down under the street. They found out, and wont permit us to do this.

Only option is to either pay the power company to lay out the lines and connection to our place, a very costly process, that will also take months just to get done, and other option is alternative energy, which we hope to be able to afford.

Problem is, now we have problems working and getting an income, without electricity, and things are complicated. At the moment I have brought my computer to a internet cafe where they let me come and work some hours a day, but its expensive since I have to pay them for using it their, so its not going much in plus.

Im stretching out a hand for help, asking anyone who can support us in some way, anyone who got a few bucks more than they need, to assist us with this situation by donating some to us so we can save up and get the situation fixed as soon as properly.

Honestly, I do not like asking for money, it is emberassing and painful, but at the moment I see no other option, since we are already still constructing the place, still lack funds to complete our house, we even are still without a roof. Lots of work to get done, little funds to do it all..

So please dear friends and followers, and anyone who enjoy my work, or simply want to help someone in a difficult situation, I would appreciate it so greatly if you could give a small contribution towards solving this problem.

The donation button is up there on the page, you can use it, any amount helps, even if its just a dollar, I am equally grateful for anything since all will go towards fixing the situation quicker..

With all my love, and deepest blessings, I thank those of you who feel you can help a bit through these troubled times, so we can get on with the mission, and complete the center.

You can use this donation link to assist: > DONATIONS GREATLY ACCEPTED HERE <

Thanks, and all the best
Edward Alexander