Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free newspaper on esoteric, conspiracies & spiritual - Fundraising project

Seeking assistance to start fundraising project for a magazine project I am working on. The idea is to give it out for free, monthly for starters, in physical form, locally, hopefully also by volunteers in other places around the world, small towns, big cities, anything. 

But I need help to get it up and going. Anyone know how to start kickstarter or indiegogo succesfully? Also, you can donate to this project through www.SEECenter.net using the donation feature there. 

The magazine will be a few pages long, newspaper format, with the stories you dont see in the news, to spread awareness and insights to the general population around us, handing it out to random people, putting it out in stores and stands for people to find it and pick it up, so people that dont already search out this stuff will be able to become aware of it. 

Conspiracies, practical spiritual stuff, the paranormal, secret governmental projects, the mysterious and strange. 

Basically read the About section on Seecenter page above, to get an idea what the focus will be, I got the knowledge and experience to share this material, but I am not an organizor and need help with that part, and fundraising etc, to be able to give it out free to people.

Get in touch anyone wanting to help, blessings!.Contact: maggador@gmail.com

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